Ezra’s 18th month

Ezra loves playing with his sister when she is done her school in the morning.  You can also see that he is starting to converse when we ask him questions.  Do we know what he is saying?  Nope.  But it’s fun.  You also see that they are watching the Friendly Giant which they are fond of.

It’s a pretty exciting day when a new Star Wars shirt enters the house!!

Ezra sure loves a game of Musical Thunderstruck

Our typical routine has us finishing up our bath around 7PM and Ezra gets his bottle of milk before bed.  Here were the kids sneaking in a story in the living room instead of their bedrooms before Ezra headed off to bed.  Vero has a good routine with him for bed that I have learned.  First there are goodnight kisses from Sierra and Dad.  Then there’s a routine where Maman puts him in his bedroom and he tries to escape while screaming down the hall until Maman runs and picks him up.  He has a really good laugh at that.

Then the sleepsack comes on with some tickle time so he’s laughing before settling in for the night.  As I type this there are two books on constant rotation in his rocking chair….Boots and Je t’aimes de la tete aux pieds which is always a fun one.  Then the light goes off and a little humming of a tune (my favourite is the Friendly Giant song which I know is some classical music piece that I cannot remember right now) and then put into the crib.  He is a really great little boy and sleeps through the night most nights.  Apologies to all the parents out there giving me the dagger eyes when thinking of their own children’s sleeping habits.

I am not entirely sure why I took a photo of this mayonnaise but I may as well profess my love of it right here, right now.  My go-to breakfast these days has been a pumpernickel bagel with this mayonnaise and some tomato with salt and pepper.  Sierra is even helping me make it these days which is pretty good.  I did have to teach her the limit of three shakes to the salt and pepper as I got a LOT of salt one morning!

Having fun before supper.  Maybe I was trying to take a photo of my new Pearl Jam shirt that I had forgotten about in the garage for a month?

This kid does NOT have it easy in the winter.  It’s very hard to move around!

No wonder he doesn’t like winter, look at his sister dumping snow in his hood!  Also, I have fond memories of the month of January and February when we got dumped on with snow.  I was excited that winter had finally arrived compared to the Green Christmas we had.

Someone wanted to help knock snow off of the trees

Warming up some cold hands

Someone loves Dad’s hat!

A perfect winter day – with hot chocolate and mild temperatures

Hot chocolate was a constant request from the kids (and Maman!) this winter



Ezra loves this music machine that hangs on the fridge.  You can see he understands what we are asking him to do as well.  He’s also getting really good at being on the couch.  We only have to watch out a few times when he’s going for a tumble.

Ezra has some strong muscles!  This was probably taken after our morning walk.  We try and get out whenever it is not too cold.

Stopping for an icicle treat

Ezra really likes to help me get the guitar out of the case and pass me the guitar picks and as you can see, he likes stepping on the guitar pedal below!  That thing probably won’t survive the winter!  You can also see in this photo that I am playing my 12 string which I haven’t done so in years.  I actually have downtuned it a full step which is easier on the the neck and I got a really strong capo.  I’m really enjoying the 12-string guitar these days even though I don’t have a built in tuner like my other guitar Ruth does.

My good pal Danny built this zamboni for his rink this winter.  I thought it was the cats meow.

Someone REALLY LOVES pushing his cart around and picking up toys.

Looking for a toy.  We don’t spend too much time downstairs so it’s a treat for Ezra when we do go down there.

Ezra is surprisingly stable on this GT and there have been many mornings where we go for a walk and we are pulling him on this.

Spider-Man in the house!

This was taken on one of the coldest weekends of the year.  We still managed to go outside a few times but it’s pretty hard to keep positive in -35!

Ezra loves pushing the mop around

A bunch of Ezra’s teeth finally showed up

Riding the train

Trying to learn Rabbit Foo Foo

First skate of the year came pretty late in January.  Not sure if it was the best idea to bring Ezra there without a helmet.  We brought one the next time.  Not sure if he liked the ice.  It’s hard to understand the concept of slowing down on ice when walking!

He wanted to wear this helmet around the house

Maman showing us how to skate.  We were in awe.

I like the look of a house that is clearly happy it’s winter.  Sleds and shovels all around, little snow hills being built. 

I had a good laugh when I came into the room and Ezra was rocking out to Megadeth

Nice headband

My cousin grew his hair out so we started exchanging photos of each other to compare.  At this point I would say it’s been a year without a haircut.

Ezra enjoys the Wookiee book

The fortress of stools

I had a good laugh at this.  Man I miss poutine.  I miss buying lunch!!

Ezra now only takes an afternoon nap and once in awhile he’s lucky enough to have a lot of smiling faces when he awakes!

Ezra is pretty ticklish

There was a birthday in the neighbourhood so we spruced up the sled and walked by their house

Oh, festivals

I love this shirt

We buried Maman in the snow!

Someone figuring out how the camera works

These two are pretty close

Ready to roll Dad!







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