Ezra’s 19th Month

Ezra on the zerbert attack!

Trying out a new hat

Enjoying some hot chocolate at the Losier ice rink

Heated match!

Forget the ice rink, this swing was the highlight!  


I feel this could be a future wrestling costume for Ezra

A LOT of snow dumped down.  We had to dig out the sled from the snowbank!

Ezra was pretty interested in hearing stuff through the headphones!  I believe I was testing out my audio equipment before a Nanny Sybil livestream event where Troy and I were going to strum a few tunes.  That even gave birth to future livestream events called the Don’t Fret sessions.https://photos.app.goo.gl/ctuSwQHFYrG4fEH16

I decided to venture through the park’s uneven terrain!  Hold on Ezra!

I’m still quite impressed that Vero fashioned some swords and shields from some pizza boxes.  Genius!

You’ll get there kid, you’ll get there!

Ezra has the habit of climbing onto Sierra’s chair while she’s eating.  Some days she’s annoyed, other days are like this.

I remember this being a cold day in the shade of the trees

Pretty good slide!

Having some hot chocolate and a stroopwaffel!  I’m pretty sure I bought eight extra boxes thinking I would go through them throughout the winter.  It’s June when I’m typing this and still have the eight boxes!

Ezra loved climbing and sliding down this snowbank


Maman was nice enough to pull us all for a bit of the trek!

Here’s a typical morning for Ezra and I.  When Sierra goes to school at 9:15AM, we head outside until 10AM to have some fun.  You never know what shenanigans we get into.  This was probably taken five feet from our driveway.  We didn’t get too far with our snowsuits on but some mornings Ezra would hold onto the GT so I could walk around the block.

Look at this gigantic snow boulder!

Waiting for cars to pass by

Sierra and Ezra doing a science experiment with snow and colours

On a mild day Vero decided to make some popcorn over the fire.  We were surprised at how fast it popped!!

Popcorn was a hit!

Someone doesn’t look impressed.  I was pretty excited about my new snow pants.  This might have been the first day I wore them.  For the past 20 years I had the same snowpants from when I attempted to ski back in the late 90s.  I never really cared for those snow pants as they just were around my waist so if I was in some snow it would go up my back!  I finally bit the bullet and ordered some off of Amazon for fifty bucks.  Can’t go wrong for that price!

Taking in the sun

The trampoline made an appearance!

One morning Vero heard a big thump and looked out the window and saw that all the snow had slid off the shed roof in one fell swoop!  It even took out a tree branch.  If someone was there, they would have been seriously hurt.  I’ll have to get snow guards for next winter.

Tea party

I’m not sure if this is the most comfortable way to watch TV?


Vero and I checked out a livestream of the Dears (which was excellent).  I had a good laugh when Vero pointed out that the letters made it look like their band name was DE HEARTS!

One sunny morning we headed out to the Limoges park.  I’m glad I brought my snowpants and boots because I fell through two feet of snow a few times!


Ezra trying to decide whether the carrot should go in his mouth or on the snowman

This was an exciting project!  Vero’s grandfather played violin for many years and had recorded a tape of him playing some songs.  We got the tape from her uncle and we transferred it digitally one evening.  I still have to go in and clean up the audio but at least it’s saved on a hard drive for now.  It was interesting for Vero to hear how her grandfather played some songs that she is learning.

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