Ezra’s 20th month

“Good tunes Dad!”

The Force is strong with this one

Tiny dancers

I think he was trying to wink in this photo

I thought this look he have his sister was hilarious

Checking out a reflection with Maman

Not sure if he enjoyed wearing Sierra’s wig

Ezra does some funny things when he wakes up from a nap these days

When I saw these two play on the swings together all I could think of was “Finally, I see the light at the end of the tunnel when it comes to pushing my kid on a swing!”

Good toque head

“Likely story Dad!  Tell another one.”

A typical weekly outing to get some groceries.  We would wander the parking lot and he would wave to everyone who passed him by.

Limoges park have these really long chains on the kids swings which make for a fun ride

Spring time is always the most fun time for toddlers I think

Ezra always feels the need to help give Sierra a push

Having a snack with Maman

A good photo opportunity but he hasn’t mastered the tricycle yet

Ezra quite enjoys mopping up the mess!

Ezra quite enjoys when I practice guitar in the mornings.  When I say “Guitar?” he goes over to the case and opens it up.  Then he passes every guitar pick he can find as well as my capo and pedal.  Lately he has been deciding to sit in various spots of the guitar case which is hilarious.

Ezra discovering the wonder of chalk

Trying on Sierra’s hat

Ezra likes trying for a high five while swinging next to Sierra

He’s getting the hang of building blocks!

By the looks of the snow on the ground, this was probably the last voyage of the SS GT Sno-racer for the year

I have realized that a post gets a lot of attention on Facebook when there’s a kid involved!

I had everything lined up in the span of 8 minutes to acquire this gem from Belleville.  Then Vero reminded me that our neighbours were going to give Sierra their old kid car for her birthday.  SO CLOSE!!

In the quest of ‘trying to find a spot to go outside not near people’, we found this little park in Casselman on our way to St-Hubert.  Unfortunately part way through our visit Sierra said she needed to pee!  I’m pretty impressed that she managed to hold it in for another 30 minutes until we got back home!

Sierra taking some photos of her brother

Fredo + Dad = love

Ezra was seriously rocking out to some Pearl Jam in the basement one afternoon with me.  It was pretty amazing.  I also realized that if I ever want a good cardio workout, I just need to pop in the last 30 minutes of a Pearl Jam concert and jump up and down imagining I’m at the actual concert.  Way more fun thatn the elliptical!

I’m not entirely sure what this photo was for, but chances are it’s when I win a game of Carcasonne against Mom when the score is really close or really wide apart.


Vero took some photos of the pathway in the park and the bad shape they were in.  In July they ended up fixing a bunch of it up which is great for kids on their bicycles!  I’m quite proud that she mentioned it to the community association.  Sometimes all it takes is asking the question to someone!

Poor He-Man!

Poisson d’Avril!

When Sierra went into her room, we hung a banner with a bunch of fishes on it.  She found it very funny.

Poisson d’Avril Sierra!


The pranks kept coming when I put peanut butter in their grilled cheese sandwich!  Sierra really enjoyed April Fool’s.  She kept putting pots and pans on our chairs and saying “Poisson d’Avril’ a month after April Fool’s.  We tried explaining her the difference between a prank and April Fool’s but she just kept saying it.  

Tall kid!

Filling up the feeder.  I think a squirrel ate it all the next day

Years ago we never burned the brush that fell down throughout the winter.  Now we try and keep on top of it.

Vero told me this was quite the leg workout!

First cone of the year!

Easter was definitely fun this year with Ezra able to walk around and look for some eggs!  He seemed to catch onto the concept after awhile.

I think this may have been the day where Ezra discovered how amazing this shopping cart is.  He brings that everywhere in the backyard with him!

Pull my finger (thanks to Shannon for that one!)

Reading outside

One of the first hot tubs of the year with the kids.  I also realized how long my hair was getting when I had to put it in a ponytail so it wouldn’t get wet!

Figuring things out

First of many meals outside







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