Ezra’s 21st month

Afternoons with Maman are always the best

Showing off some new books they bought with some money from Easter

Never a dull moment here

Two seater swings are so much more fun!

Hunting for worms

Trying on an old hat of Grandpapa’s

I’m not sure what is going on here but Sierra always used to put her head into a pillow or on the floor when she didn’t get her way and Ezra also now mimics that movement.  Now I just laugh every time I see it happen.

Peek a boo!

Moving on up to the big kids swing!

Vero found a good trail behind the school and we found this old tire hanging there

A rare family photo

We came across these structures not too far from the school.  We think that there may be classes that come out and learn about making tree forts

I think he was excited to see snow again after a few weeks of it melting

Another adventure in the rain for us

I’m not even sure what is going on here?  Maybe a science experiment for school?

Sierra teaching Ezra how to use the tricycle.  Interesting fact: this is the same tricycle that Vero grew up with!

I would like to say this was a somersault but no, it was just Ezra being mad about something and he’s burying his head

Super Ezra!

Ezra is really liking his ipad time.  There are a few neat apps that he plays.  One involves crushing trucks with a dinosaur foot in a junkyard

Ice cream!

Count Ezra

Searching for worms in the garden

Go Team Canada!


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