July (Sierra’s 62nd and Ezra’s 24th)

La début de l’été!

What to expect this summer?  We had Sierra enrolled in virtual Spanish classes for the month of July.  There was some government-subsidized program that cost us $10 for the entire month.  She spent the morning with Madame Ana and others who wanted to learn Spanish.

Sierra seemed interested in the concept of learning a new language and it also gave her something to do in the mornings instead of hanging out with Ezra every day.  I’m sure we will look into camps in the future for her.

In the end, I’m not sure she was entirely enthused to take Spanish lessons.  I always laugh when one morning she kept telling me she didn’t want to go and when she eventually showed up to class Vero heard the teacher ask her “Como esta?” and Sierra replied “PAS muy bien!”.  Hilarious.

I think she was expecting something similar to the school she was in the year before and…it wasn’t.

So we tried it out, and she stuck with it until the end but there was a little coercing near the end to keep it up.

As for Ezra, I can’t believe how a few months ago I saw him crawl down up and down the steps on the deck and now I see him walking up without holding onto anything!  He is a brave boy.  He understands everything we say to him and we are learning his language.  He can’t say his S’s yet so Yes = Ye(ch)(ch) or Sierra is still “Ah ah”.  Milk and more milk are pretty easy to understand.  He’s pretty good at getting his own milk from the fridge now as well!  Soon enough he can pour his own cereal and we can sleep in again!

Canada Day started out at the Petrie Island beach.  We didn’t bring anything for swimming but it was nice to play along the shore.  My soul needs the water!

We are mastering the family selfie photo.  Mastering meaning at least the parents look at the camera.

Canada Day bicycle ride

I had a good laugh when Sierra asked why that guy had a really tall hat.

 I will always think of this joke when I watch A Christmas Story


Wow, I’m not sure what I said to deserve this face!

I can’t remember why I was out of Vars one evening, but I do remember the long stretch down Rockdale Road and seeing this incredible rainbow for the entire 15km stretch.  It was inspiring.


Can’t be easy setting up a tent while there is a water pistol on you!  We did find a leaky mattress which we couldn’t fix so we had to delay having fun in the tent this year.

Making some hot dogs

I believe we were watching the opening band for a Trews show at the Horseshoe Tavern.  Sierra was loving it.  I love her expression in this photo.  Sheer fear?

We wanted to check out a trail near us that we had never been to.  It was a very big mistake.  The further we got in, the more mosquitoes attacked us.  At one point we just had to call it and run back.

I wasn’t around for this, but I can only imagine Sierra told Maman that it was a drawing of her.

When the guitar comes out, they like to give it a few strums when I first start out but then they move along and find other things to do.

Muscles Palmer

Ah, a proud moment.

Not the action shots I was hoping for, but Sierra was excited about it.

I made the decision earlier this year that I would not be bringing my empties to the Beer Store anymore, but I would find some kind of good cause to donate to them.  Ezra and I went out to Crysler, ON where they are collecting empties to improve their park equipment (I think?  I can’t remember specifically.)  While we were there we had fun in their park and it’s one of my favourites in the area because there aren’t a lot of people and there are a lot of fun things for Ezra.

This turned out to be a neat purchase.  It’s a bunch of short stories involving characters you don’t really see in the film.  Think: the guy who reviewed the probe droid footage from Hoth.

Getting out of the rain

Sierra teaching her brother how to jump.  It’s funny to see Ezra try and jump.  It’s always a one foot lands and the other one lands after.  He hasn’t mastered the two feet at the same time (I’m talking about off the trampoline)

Sierra and I building the R2-D2 outside one afternoon.  You can see the level of concentration it takes but I’m quite proud of how well she does.

Fun in the hot tub – Ezra the Rocket!

Saturday night is movie night and the kids run straight to the couch for it.  Sometimes the movie on TVA is a dud so we just watch a Disney movie.

Check out what Mom made me!  This is way better than the Kap100 stuff they are putting out, in my opinion.  I just don’t like the Kap100 logo.

Awhile ago we walked on a trail in Crysler, ON and wondered where the rest of the trail went to.  We found out later in the summer when we parked our car at the Home Hardware and biked to a fabulous trail which is lined with farmers fields and different plant life.  Sidenote: Crysler is pretty awesome.  I can see myself living there.

I can only assume Thunderstruck was playing.  They never tire of that song!

Sierra was pretty excited to try out this new rock climbing wall at Max’s place while we kept an eye on their house while they were away.

I never knew how much fun it was to play ‘avoid the ball’ on a trampoline


I don’t think I got to taste one mini tomato from our own garden this year!  But that’s ok.  Vero says that it’s fun to see them eat straight from the garden.

Uh, yes Google, I definitely am mistaken for Eddie Vedder from time to time!

Hanging out at the Castor River one morning

Check out that first carrot of the year!

Watermelon is something I don’t remember having as a kid but it’s great on a hot summer day


I have to admit something.  With Sierra in the house with Ezra, I’ve really leaned on her to be with him and teach him things.  But the past year I’ve been on ‘Oh he’s a baby so we have to keep things away from him’ mode.  It wasn’t until Vero started talking about him turning two years old in a month’s time that I realized that there were things that Sierra got to play with that I haven’t bothered with.  Hence, the day the playdoh came out!  He quite likes it.

Another bike trail that we tried out this summer.  This one is part of the cross Eastern Ontario trail and I’m pretty sure if I kept going on in for another forty kilometers I would have ended up at Beau’s Brewery!  Anyhow, this one was decent.  It was a hot day and there was adequate shade.  Nothing much to write home about…very straight.  Give me a river to bike next to!

What better way to get Sierra to go faster than to have a race?!

Sierra and I went on Max’s trampoline again one afternoon.  I have to tell you, my heels really hurt after!  I think that on a trampoline I should be trying to land on the balls of my feet and not the heel?

Helping make a salad

Excitement one morning

Hanging with my girl

Ezra helping out on grocery pickup day

I had a good laugh when my beer order from Cowbell Brewery came and it was almost as tall as a two year old!

Marshmallow treat after supper

The Olympics started up and I had some activities to occupy Sierra’s time in the morning.  Thank you Tokyo!

Grandmaman and Grandpapa paid us a visit and our first photo with them was the kids wanting to hop in their trunk!

Sierra hunting fireflies

Reading a story

Hanging out at Cassandra park


Always a fun way to ride

We decided to get a new BBQ when the ‘end of season’ deals started.  We decided to build it on a very hot day!  I will say right away that there are two strange design flaws with this.  1) The temperature gauge fogs up after a rainstorm if the cover isn’t on.  I think I figured a way around that and it’s to put the cover back on a hot day and the condensation evaporates.  But still!  2) Every time it rains the water collects at the bottom of the doors and I can already see some rust!

Either this a very intense staring contest or Sierra is explaining the rules to a game.  That usually takes about ten minutes.

Having a snack at the Castor River

Could this be my first live show of the year?  Perhaps!  Note the water pistol in their hands in case I mess up!

After a lot of work by Vero to fortify the garden she came out to find our first tomato was already eaten by something!

I’m not sure the call for a timeout worked on these two jokers!

We decided to head to Petrie Island one morning.  Who is that in the distance?  Why that is Vero on her brand new kayak on its maiden voyage!  While Sierra and I swam around a bit she got to test it out.

Ezra preferred playing on the shoreline with Grandmaman

Everyone loved the kayak!

Snack time

A few of us took out Sierra for a ride.  She didn’t last too long with me and here she was in a race against me to get back 

Beautiful day at the beach!

I always love seeing decks like this.  It shows that folks are enjoying the summer.

Preparing some corn

Pretty sure Ezra ate the whole bowl of strawberries

Having fun with Grandmaman

The Limoges park was a hit other than the splash pad being closed when we showed up

We pull out the bouncy castle for special events and this was definitely a special event!

Ezra’s early birthday gift.  Sierra and Ezra were quite good at it!

I remember before this game Sierra was putting up a fuss about wanting to play at the coffee table and we were trying to have her go on a regular table because it’s inconvenient to sit on the couch and play.  I said “Listen, your grandparents are old so we need to move to the table.”  “WHOA WHOA WHOA! WE ARE NOT OLD!” and that was the end of that.  Reminder: don’t call people old!

We had never ventured into the park in the back of the school.  It was pretty eat!




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