May (Sierra’s 60 and Ezra’s 22)


While I have to work on my facial expressions while trying to take a selfie of all the family on bicycles, we had a good time going around the block!  Sierra is getting really good at keeping up and we can go further around Vars now.

I’ve had my eye on some studio monitors for a few years now.  We shall see if they actually make a difference when it comes to recording.

We have a regular Mike McCready in the house!

The Tusken Raiders always get a good laugh in the house

Kick off to Star Wars Day

Seriously, how did these kids end up looking like Luke and Leia? It’s uncanny!

At least this year I knew that you cannot put icing on a hot cake!  Poor Yoda from Year 1 of cake making.

Super smart!

Every single time Thunderstruck plays he dances!

Ezra helping to stack some wood

This mattress has become a pirate ship

Who is having more fun?

This was the photo that made me realize that Ezra is a little boy now.  No real need to keep an eye on him when he is on Sierra’s bed in fear of him falling off.  He was just sitting there having fun.

Does every kid tell you how things are supposed to work?

I’m pretty sure we asked the kids to do a play for us.  It was quite good for something with zero preparation!  Clearly Hallowe’en is on their mind in the month of May!

The best Mother’s Day flower ever?  No doubt especially if you consider the vase.

I had a good laugh at this one!

Hanging out in the garage

Pretty good at colouring inside the lines!

Pretty impressive dinosaur!

Not sure if Ezra wanted to get the hat or pull a prank on Maman.

Bahaha, Qui Gon clearly didn’t see this one coming.

Enjoying a freezie on the hammock

I’m not why kids love showing their belly but they do!

This might have been my favourite science experiment of the school year.  I had to freeze a dinosaur into a bowl and then we had to break the ice.  However, we had Ezra with us and it’s not like I wanted to give Sierra the hammer and a block of ice in her bedroom.  We brought her outside on the front porch and gave her some goggles and she spent quite a while trying to chip away at it.  Finally at the end I had to go outside and drop the thing over the ground to shatter.  She thought it was hilarious.

A full week before the May long weekend here in Canada and here we are setting up the garden!  Vero had some big plans this year which involved taking any container we could find and using it.  Sierra and I drilled some holes in some pails.

Each year it gets a little easier with our helpers!

This is exactly how I’ve been feeling after seeing all the American tours starting up this spring and Canada had no movement at all.

Hydration is key

When I have days where spending time at home is getting to me, I smile when I think of this comic

No mosquitoes yet in May so it’s a perfect spot to catch some Adam Baldwin on a Friday night!

Vero wanted to try and hang up netting to help with the mosquitoes

It was a multi-day project but I have to say that it made quite the difference at night!  I’m quite proud of Vero’s work on this.

Nothing wrong with an ice cream cone after supper


I’ve realized that science experiments most always involve food colouring

Wow, talk about annoying!

That’s Vero

Strumming along on the uke

Having fun after nap time

Seriously, look at this fortress!  No mosquito can get in!  However, I have a hard time getting out for another beer without letting mosquitoes in.  Woops?  I need to bring out the kegerator onto the deck.

A typical sight on grocery pickup day.  Ezra and I sit and wave at cars

Checking out the garden after five days of growth.  Time must be extremely frustrating as a child.  I remember mailing away for a Mumm-Ra action figure and couldn’t understand the 4-6 week timeframe.  Pretty sure I went out to the mailbox every single day that summer wondering when the heck it would arrive.

Vero found a tick in our backyard.  Doh!



Long weekend roar!

We finally got around to making a sand area for the kids.  I’m not sure where I got the idea for a sand tent (maybe online somewhere?) but I like the thought of it being in the shade and not having critters coming in during the night.  Not sure if shade is an actual issue under our trees.

First trip to the Castor River in 2021!  It’s always a fun time.

Ezra figuring out how to play hide and seek.  He thinks if he can’t see us, we can’t see him!

I love the one hand on his hood to keep him out of the water

The water was fairly low so we could play near it

Poor guy!

We found a trail near Crysler and went to check it out.  It was a pretty great trail but we realized it would be better to come back with our bicycles the next time as it was quite long.

Another angle

Who doesn’t love a sprinkler on a hot day?  Maybe Ezra.  I don’t think he’s a fan of getting sprayed all day.  Time will tell.

Hanging out with my love

I’m not sure what she just ate but she was excited!

Helping make some spaghetti

Ezra loves just hanging out in the swing at the park

Pretty cool to have a partner playing music with me

Sierra’s birthday!!  Here is a beautiful dress she got from her grandparents

Making the cake.  Hands off Ezra!

She sure loves putting on the candy

These sunshine balloons surprisingly stayed up considering we didn’t use helium

A bouncy castle!!  Vero scored this off of Kijiji for $100.  Totally worth it.  We kept it up all weekend and will bring it out for special occasions.  It has a few tears in it but nothing major.

Good spot to hang out!

Sierra’s friends were thoughtful to drop by with a gift

Sierra got a great cook outfit but clearly someone took it for himself!

Happy Birthday Sierra!

A helping hand to climb up the bouncy castle

This must have been from our East Coast themed ‘Don’t Fret’ session.  I can tell by my Dad’s hat!  I had a great laugh and still do when I see this photo.  The Don’t Fret sessions are a good time and I enjoyed learning a bunch of East Coast tunes for this event.

View from the bouncy castle

The neighbours were very nice to Sierra and dropped this new toy off to her.  It took her a few minutes but she got the hang of it!  Ezra and her roam the backyard a lot looking for criminals.

I may have caught the ‘action figure’ bug during the pandemic.  Here was a shipment that was sent from Big Bad Toy Store.  Too bad I got dinged with import fees!  I don’t know if I’ll order from them again as the price comes very close to what Canadian specialty stores offer.










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