Sierra’s 57th month

First skate of the year!

Maman teaching Sierra how to get up

Learning checkers

Some days I feel that Sierra wants to go on her adventures without her brother.  This was one of those days I felt that so we brought some snowshoes and went over to the Castor River area to traipse through the snow.  We had a lot of fun as it was a nice day.

Taking a break with a thermos of hot chocolate

Everyone has trouble getting up after falling!

Measuring different quantities of snow for school.

I’m not sure what Sierra was supposed to draw here!

Ice cube experiment

The Besnard Lakes came out with a new album this year which is fantastic and they had three livestream events which were equally fantastic!

Getting pretty good at whisking eggs!

Making some Valentine’s cookies.  I’m pretty sure we ate all but one of them by Valentine’s Day!

We all thought it would be a funny idea to bury Maman and Dad.  I couldn’t handle it at one point but Vero quite liked it!


I always laugh when I see that some form of food is on the schedule for school.  I always figure the teacher just needs to make it for her kids so she has everyone else do it with her!  Smart.

Benoit tipped me off that the hot thing that is selling on the market were these old Marvel cards that I collected.  In fact, these cards were the things that actually got me into collecting comic books!  Anyhow, when I was younger I always thought everything I purchased would be worth money so of course I was interested in selling some!

In the end, the bubble burst as fast as I entered it.  I think this Deadpool card was selling for $80.  To put that into context, I paid $1.25 in 1991 for the X-Force #1 comic book that the card came in.  That’s quite the profit!

I did end up selling this card a week later.  It sold for $45.  Let’s subtract $15.40 to ship it.  I offered free shipping.  Let’s also remove the $5.09 for the Ebay fees.  I also bought some hard plastic protectors.  Let’s say that’s a $1 each.  So I ended up with a profit of $23.51.  Not too bad considering it was a card that came in a comic book for $23.51.  But making that profit does put things into perspective at 42 years old.  Is my time worth $23.51?  Let’s imagine I put an hour of effort into taking photos, posting the thing, answering any questions, packaging it, driving to the post office and sending it off. 

As I grow older and older I have come to realize that my time is worth money and unless I’m going to make a LOT of profit on something, it’s probably not worth my time.  Perhaps it’s something that I can hand down to my kids to sell and they can make money from it.


Before bed one night Sierra wanted to show me all her funny faces

I can’t stop laughing at this one!

Once in awhile Sierra and Maman have a picnic snack

I think Sierra wanted a picture of someone who is scared

We are very fortunate to have great friends.  Mike, Melanie and Max let us use their ice rink while they were away.

A helping hand

Sunny day at the rink

One of our favourite trails around us now has ‘No Trespassing’ signs on it which is a bummer.  But we stumbled upon another trail system and they even have little signs of the mini trails set up!  We have a feeling this is a school project they did one day and we love it!  

GTs are not that easy to lug around!

Vero got me these keychains for Valentine’s Day.  One says “I love you” and the other says “I know” (from Empire Strikes Back).  I was joking the other day that the better response would be “This is the way.” which is from The Mandalorian.  She modified the keychain after she heard me laughing about this idea.  I love Vero!

A shield has to be made and Maman had the brilliant idea to repurpose a pizza box!

You can see the thought of winning dance in her eyes.

Sierra attempting the hill herself

Hanging out in the snowbank with my girl

Sierra wanted to take a photo of us so we decided for the creepy photo shoot.

I can’t remember what this day was.  I think it was hat and tie day, or pink day.

Oh now I remember!  It was the virtual winter carnival at school and people had to wear hats and ties!

Pretty amazing how many cards Nanny Ruth ended up with her 90th birthday.  I think the final total was close to 170?

Hanging out in the fort

Fun with a spray bottle, food colouring and snow

Sierra BEGGED to sleep on the floor overnight in her fort.  I really didn’t think it would work but she insisted.  I’m glad I gave in pretty easy because two minutes after the lights went out she came to her senses and moved into bed.  Imagine if I would have been arguing with her for 30 minutes?




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