Sierra’s 59th month

Poisson d’avril!

The Easter bunny visited!

Too nice to go to school indoors

Ha!  I’ve been tempted to do this a few times in the past year

Supper outside

Showing off her beautiful shirt

The Castor River has called us back home!

We also checked out the park in Rockland along the water and Sierra had a fun time navigating this structure

Sierra and Abbey have this game they play over Facetime where they have to look at the emoticon on the screen and then try and find it on the keyboard

I built this this summer!  I’m not sure if it was a mega hit.  I found that the baking powder was stuck at the bottom and I had to shake it a lot.  But Maman has been with the kids a lot in the afternoons and they seem to enjoy it.  I’m just not sure if she would tell me that I should try it again.

The purge has begun!  Some friends dropped by to grab a lot of stuff to help out with their newborn.  I was very excited to start getting all that stuff out of the house!

Oh festivals, how I miss thee


Nice hat!

I was pretty impressed with Sierra’s lego maze!

Sierra imitating Dad’s fangs from apple slices


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