Thoughts about Ezra

I feel as time goes by I get slower and slower at updating this website and then I fear that I will forget little details about my children that I want documented!

Until I get around to updating a few things, I thought I would just chat about Ezra at this point in his life.

Ezra is 20 months old.

Currently I get to take care of him a lot in the mornings and then Vero takes over in the afternoons.  Sierra stays in her room for the most part taking school but Ezra is VERY excited when he sees her emerge from her room.

He’s a really loving child.  He will go and hug Sierra when she comes out of her room.  He waddles over to her at full speed and practically collapses in her arms.

He’s really good at walking these days.  We even took him in the forest the other day and managed to navigate branches without falling over too much.  That being said, I still don’t understand how he can just be walking around the kitchen sometimes and do a complete wipeout!  I blame his socks.

His vocabulary is really getting good.  He says thank you when we pass him something.  The other day I asked him if he wanted to stay in his chair or get down and he replied with get down!  I think last night I heard him say bedroom.  He can definitely say Maman and something that resembles Dad but not enough for me to notice sometimes.  I feel sometimes that all his words sound like he is underwater but I’m assuming he’s just learning to enunciate.  I can’t remember what Sierra was like when she was learning to speak.

I laugh sometimes at how much of a different force of nature he is compared to Sierra.  The other day when we were all out looking for worms in a rainstorm, Sierra wanted to pick up worms on a stick and move them over to a puddle.  Ezra wanted to squash them all with his boot which resulted in Sierra screaming “Nooooo!” like when Darth Vader was born.

Life with Ezra has become significantly easier compared to last year.  We no longer have to have portions of the back patio fenced off to prevent him from falling six inches.  He now climbs up and down the stairs like a champ and wanders around the yard and we aren’t overly worried about him.  We did start closing one gate near the garage so he doesn’t wander off to the front yard without us.  We always have an eye on him but you never know where they go when you are handling the BBQ for a few minutes.

He really loves his swing set and whenever we ask if he wants to get down he says No.  In fact, he replies no  quite a bit these days but it makes sense when he says it.  I don’t think he has mastered yes yet but if we ask him something and he doesn’t say no then we know he probably wants to say yes!

Ezra enjoys watching anything large like trucks driving by.  Our weekly voyage to the grocery store parking lot results in us staring and waving to the cars as they drive around.  In fact, he waves at every car that goes by and people are generally nice enough to wave back!  He also likes hearing the train going by in the distance and tries to say choo choo.

Now that I’ve started livestreaming concerts with the family, I bring out the guitar quite a bit more and he loves it.  When I say “Guitar?” his eyes light up and he runs to the guitar case, opens it up and proceeds to pass me two picks, a capo and my pedal.  Then he strums the guitar for about three tunes and gets tired of that.  He’s becoming quite good at strumming!

He loves bathtime with his sister but I’m not sure she loves getting buckets of water dumped over her head all the time!  He has to figure out those fine motor skills because a bucket of water over the head usually results in him bonking the bucket into her nose or head half the time!

He is really enjoying reading these days.  He is starting to choose new books to listen to, but then he also has his routine of reading a book about Boots and Je T’aimes de la tête au pieds”.  Recently he really likes Garbage Delight (which I’m delighted about!)

To the jealousy of many other parents out there, he is a great sleeper.  He has an afternoon nap which lasts between 1-2 hours and he heads to bed around 7:15PM and wakes up anywhere between 7 and 7:30pm without much trouble during the night.  He tosses and turns once in awhile but I can’t remember many times that he actually wakes up.

He is a very happy kid and there is always a smile on his face.  I even managed to get a good picture of him laughing the other day which I love.

Overall, we are happy with his development and he makes me feel old some days but I manage to get some energy to horse around with him as much as I can because in about five years time, he’ll have no interest in me!  Ha ha.

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