Changes to how I divide up the kids’ posts

I always had this grand vision of keeping Sierra and Ezra posts separate so that each of them can just look at their own lives by checking out their own posts.

I think Vero always thought this was silly and I’m sure others did too.  Probably up there with my idea of taking a monthly photo of them with a chalkboard and how I’ve been missing the mark on that one for a few months now!

I think being in the house during the pandemic for so long is just making simple tasks even harder.

Also, after doing a post of photos of Sierra’s 59th month I’ve realized that there’s really not a whole lot of photos of just her and I usually leave the ones with both her and Ezra for the Ezra spotlight.  They are ALWAYS TOGETHER which is amazing.

All that is leading to a change where I’ll spotlight each month of our lives together.  If one of them eventually lives in the backyard and sends photos of them living  in the wilderness, then I suppose I can do a spotlight of them again!

For the time being, why divide up souvenirs of our lives together?

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